Advanced Modeling with InfoWater (Closed/Class Full)

Monrovia, CA - January 31 - February 1, 2019

Innovyze is pleased to bring you the most comprehensive and relevant network modeling training course of its kind. The objectives of this course are to provide hydraulic engineers with a step-by-step, best-practice approach for developing a sound water system master plan by utilizing the latest techniques in GIS data manipulation for hydraulic model construction, analysis, and calibration. This course covers many aspects of water system master-planning activities including: a master planning overview, creating a hydraulic model, modeling wells and VFD's, establishing planning and design criteria; utilizing advanced GIS modeling tools, interfacing with GIS Departments, use of extensive GIS data sets and network skeletonization, conducting a demand analysis and allocating network demands; calibration of a hydraulic model using fire flow tests, protecting water systems during breakdown and isolation events, and the need and importance of a Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The course is taught by hydraulic modeling and GIS experts who have years of practical master planning experience. In addition to the previously mentioned topics, the engineer will be introduced to Innovyze's extensive suite of add-on modules including Skeletonizer, Allocator, & Calibrator.

Learning to proficiently use your hydraulic model and to acquire a broad-based knowledge of advanced master planning topics is just one of the many goals of the course and several hands-on, "real-world" examples will be modeled by course participants. Such capabilities will greatly assist engineers in creating reliable network models and in making informed decisions to ensure that accurate CIP costs are realized. The software tools provided by Innovyze will directly assist in the overall planning scheme for any utility, including maximized GIS integration efforts, improved demand allocation and forecasting, and optimized calibration efforts for system flows, tank levels, and fireflow demands.

The student will leave the course with a clear picture of how to complete a successful water system master plan. Students will also learn the latest advances in GIS integration and automation using our hydraulic model interface. Network updating will be streamlined and the bottom-line will be achieved with optimal calibration techniques and data accessibility. Classes are held regularly at Portland, Oregon, Broomfield, Colorado and Monrovia, CA (all have excellent facilities). We can also arrange to conduct the class at your own location.

Course Agenda

  • Master Planning
  • Modeling Wells and VSP/ FPP Analysis
  • GIS Integration vs. Skeletonization
  • Demand Allocation
  • Hydraulic and Water Quality Calibration
  • Optimization of Operational Control - Scheduler
  • Water Security Planning – Protector
  • InfoWater Designer
  • Valve Criticality Assessment (VCM)
  • Pressure Zone Manager (PZM)

Registration Fee

$2,000.00 (includes training materials). Additional registrants from the same company location are discounted 25% for the same course.

Further Details

Contact Information

Phone: 1-626-568-6868 ; 1-303-533-1942


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