MicroDrainage: Two Day Introduction (full)

Howbery Park, UK - January 15-16, 2019

A comprehensive introduction to sewerage system design and analysis.

Who will benefit?

This is an essential course for anyone new to storm or foul water design and analysis. It is also necessary for those wishing to update their knowledge, gain an understanding of the latest industry best practice and avoid common mistakes.

What will they learn?

The course starts with a short introduction to the drainage industry, relevant legislation and common terminology. Users then complete a series of short exercises designed to introduce new concepts one stage at a time. Each day ends with some longer exercises based around real world examples.

Key topics:

The course covers the main functionality of MicroDrainage, including:

  • Design criteria
  • Design rainfall and rainfall theory
  • Pipe design including:
    • Meeting “Sewers for Adoption” design standards.
    • Non-standard pipe shapes
    • Discharge to existing networks
    • Avoidance of other services, such as gas mains.
    • Storm, foul and combined inputs
  • Above and below ground storage
  • On-line and off-line flow control
  • Limitation of discharge to local watercourses

Further Details


Howbery Park, Wallingford, United Kingdom


  • Currently Maintained Customer (2 Days ex. VAT) Howbery Park: £996.00
  • Unmaintained/Non-Customer (2 Days ex. VAT) Howbery Park: £1,100.00
  • Currently Maintained Customer (2 Days ex. VAT) Public Venue: £1,196.00
  • Unmaintained/Non-Customer (2 Days ex. VAT) Public Venue: £1,300.00


9.30am – 16.30pm GMT 


All costs plus VAT are to be paid in advance. We regret that any cancellations made within the 10 working days immediately prior to the course will be charged at the full training rate.

If you wish to pay by debit or credit card please call us on +44 (0)1635 582555 (1.5% surcharge for credit cards).

Should you have any training related queries please do not hesitate to e-mail our Training and Workshop Advisor, Amy Gray on Training-EMEA@innovyze.com.


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