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Excellent engineering and technical support is provided directly by our team of engineering and programming experts, which assures the highest possible level of support and fosters a very close relationship with our user communities. Our vast user communities will recognize that many of the new features and capabilities of our range of products were based on their suggestions and comments. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in using any of our products, please check the following before contacting Innovyze Support Staff: 

  • After first installing your new Innovyze product, as a precaution, reboot your computer. This will ensure that your operating system correctly recognises the files that you have just installed.
  • When installing any of Innovyze's products, you were asked to specify the location of temporary projects. By default, this is C:\TEMP\, however it can be anything that you specified during setup. Check that you have sufficient hard disk storage (in this case on the C: drive). If there is insufficient room on the specified computer drive, you may not be able to operate your Innovyze product correctly.
  • H2ONET: Before installing H2ONET, make sure that you have run AutoCAD at least once. If you have not done this, H2ONET cannot set itself up properly, as it requires at least one profile to "attach" itself to AutoCAD.

Before You Contact Us

Our staff are happy to assist you in resolving any difficulties you may be experiencing in using our products. To speed up the resolution of these difficulties, you will need to note down the following information:

  • Innovyze Product you are experiencing difficulty with.
  • Innovyze Product license number (go to the Help > About [Product] item to find this). Alternatively, refer to the documentation or installation disks received when you ordered the product.
  • Amount of memory your computer has. (i.e., RAM - 512MB)
  • Operating System (i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista)
  • Detailed description of problem, ie. sequence of commands used to encounter problem.

Technical Support

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