Encrypt Models for Easy Sharing



Use the xpviewer Encryptor module for xpswmm to share models with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

With xpviewer Reader, your clients and other stakeholders associated with your project will have the ability to view and interrogate an encrypted version of your xpstorm models. The xpviewer program allows all software functions except the ability to change, export and solve the model. Therefore your stakeholders can view model animations, query and print the model results and participate in the model development and approval process without being required to purchase a license from Innovyze.

This is an excellent tool for those customers who wish to share their model with others within or without the organisation who do not already own a license of the software, but who wish to view the model(s) results. Since the model cannot be changed or resolved with xpviewer Reader the integrity and security of the created model are preserved.

It is also excellent for reviewing agencies who wish to view and query every element of a model and its results but don't wish to take on the modelling work itself.

How it works:

Share Models with xpviewer

  • A license holder of xpswmm purchases the xpviewer Encryptor add-on module for their license.
  • The modeller creates and runs their model to their satisfaction.
  • The modeller then saves an encrypted model and sends the files to the interested parties, along with xpviewer Reader (download from this website is available below).
  • The receiving party installs the xpviewer Reader. They can then view the model files sent to them and look at the model as if they had their own license.

Download It Now To See...

Download the xpviewer Reader Here


Regular xpswmm or xpstorm models will not be viewable with the Reader without encryption. If you would like to download an encrypted example model with which you can view animations, open all results files, query model elements and more, please do so here:

Urban Model Example for xpviewer Reader



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