Full Control 3D Road, Roundabout and Site Design




Intuitive Road Design with XPSITE3D

Advanced Road and Residential Site Engineering, Created By Engineers for Engineers.

Design site, road and roundabouts in an intuitive 3D interface that gives you full control of your project.

  • Visualise design in the intuitive 2D to 3D layout that updates in real time.
  • Create junctions and roundabouts using automated tools
  • Use earthwork, surface and grading tools
  • Detect conflicts in the layout of utilities

WHY xpsite3D?

Accurate 3D Design. xpsite3D provides an interactive 3D view of the design model throughout the design process. The engineer can make modifications in the 3D view, plan view or vertical alignment views. All update in real time. Since xpsite3D makes it so easy to modify any aspect of the design, the engineer is able to try many scenarios to hone and refine the final design.

Automated Computations. xpsite3D does all the complex mathematics and geometry behind the scenes so that the engineer need only be concerned with the engineering. All 3D triangulations are generated automatically to produce the 3D surfaces for the design. Automated tools produce engineered junctions at road intersections, optimised in both horizontal and vertical. Drainage calculation tools help you to accurately lay out storm and sanitary drainage systems.

Building Information Modelling. xpsite3D has been designed so that each design element knows how it interacts with other design elements. When you modify one aspect of the design, all caused effects are automatically calculated and applied. For example, if you move a section of a road centerline in the horizontal, then the road's gutters, kerbs, footways, junctions, interface slopes, sections, triangulation, volume calculations and associated views all instantly update accordingly.

Productivity. The powerful features in xpsite3D empower the engineer to deliver projects in a fraction of the time of traditional systems. Its use allows engineers to get through more work and to produce more refined designs. It works well with existing CAD systems or on its own, allowing you to work with your own workflow or keeping all tools in one package.


Let xpsite3D take you from conceptual layouts through to fully engineered models and drawings:

  • Produce fully optimised 3D roundabout and road designs
  • Convert 2D surveys, CAD and GIS data into usable 3D ground surface models
  • Use true curve geometry in design and visualisation
  • Visualise your site design in Google Earth
  • Automated conflict detection alerts you to crossing or disconnected elements


  • Flexible pond design is driven by volumes or site layout
  • Drawing annotation and site ‘setting out’ information is automatically generated
  • Take full control of any design such as varied road channel width, easements, embankments, chokers, parking lanes, pedestrian islands, speed tables (or flat top humps) and ramps.




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