Robust Runoff Routing for Rural and Urban Catchments



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xprafts is a robust runoff routing model that is used extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of storm water drainage and conveyance systems.

Perform hydrologic watershed assessment with ease and flexibility:

  • Natural waterways, formalised channels, pipe systems
  • Retarding and retention basins, as well as on-site detention (OSD)
  • Urban drainage systems with WSUD practices
  • Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) and resulting Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)
  • Flood forecasting, dambreak and subsequent floodplain management activities

WHY xprafts?

Accepted Methods. Use ARR and Bureau of Meteorology accepted methods to provide accurate automated design storm generation for events from less than one year return period all the way to the Probable Maximum Precipitation.

Calibration Tools. Use built-in calibration tools with real event rainfall and runoff gauged data to produce accurately calibrated xprafts models.

Cumulative WSUD Analysis. Detailed inclusion of WSUD components at an allotment scale helps provide accurate accumulative effects on large urban and mixed catchments.

Hydraulic Model Support. Accurately estimate inflow hydrographs for inclusion in more detailed 1D/2D dynamic hydraulic floodplain analysis. If the inflow hydrograph is not right, the hydraulics don't matter!

Real-time Analysis. Provide up-to-date calibrated catchment models for accurate real time flood forecasting based on projected rainfall from the Bureau of Meteorology.


Brochure | Technical Description

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