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Introduction to PressureWatch

Watch the video to see how PressureWatch helps utilities monitor and detect network hydraulic integrity breaches.

The distribution system is a critical component of every water utility. Its primary function is to economically provide a safe, reliable water supply at an acceptable level of service, and its failure to do so is a serious system deficiency. Breaches in hydraulic integrity can also lead to external contamination as well as degradation of water quality associated with increasing water age and loss of disinfectant residual, both compromising the distribution system water quality integrity. Clearly, maintaining the hydraulic integrity of the water distribution system is of paramount importance.

PressureWatch, a comprehensive real-time network anomaly detection and early warning system, enables water utilities to continuously monitor and assess network hydraulic dynamics as they occur, helping them identify breaches in the hydraulic integrity and build the resiliency and agility to respond with minimal disruption to protect public health. It also empowers users to foresee and pre-empt future network hydraulic integrity breaches.

The primary strength of PressureWatch is its ability to monitor real-time changes in network hydraulics (i.e., pressure, flow and tank water level) and identify potential anomalies fast enough to permit effective responses aimed at lessening or avoiding adverse public health and economic impacts. It makes the hydraulic integrity of the distribution system immediately visible through continuous monitoring and assessment of network hydraulic dynamics. PressureWatch enables water utility operators to compare hydraulic data against prescribed performance requirements (e.g., minimum and maximum pressures), either confirming normal system performance or identifying abrupt changes that fall outside normal operating ranges and the onset of anomalous hydraulic incidents they can evaluate and act on. For example, objectionably low pressures, caused by failure of a pump or valve, may lead to inadequate supply and reduced fire suppression capability or, in extreme cases, intrusion of potentially contaminated water. Objectionably high pressures will intensify wear on valves and fittings, increase leakage; they may also cause additional leaks or breaks with subsequent repercussions on water quality. Similarly, changes in flow (magnitude and direction) within the water distribution system as a result of hydrant flushing and valve and pump operation can scour sediments, tubercles and scales off the interior pipe walls, degrading water quality. Maintaining flow, pressure and tank water level fluctuations within reasonable ranges will enable proactive network management that ensures both a reliable water supply and safety and security for all consumers. A mass balance for each pressure zone can also be quickly developed to assist in determining unaccounted-for water (non-revenue water).

Most water utilities collect hydraulic data from online sensors and field devices installed at different network locations and at facilities using a SCADA system,, with resulting data stored in a central database. PressureWatch can link directly to this central database, analyze and filter the data in real time to remove extreme values, compare data to expected values, recognize abnormal changes and automatically compute the probability of an anomalous hydraulic event. A hydraulic event is defined as a potential breach in the hydraulic integrity of the network. PressureWatch can read hydraulic data from any sensor manufacturer for the three main types of hydraulic measurements: pressure, flow and tank water level.

Innovyze has developed PressureWatch to let you monitor and assess the operational efficiency and hydraulic integrity of your water distribution network in real-time and help you identify network performance problems and narrow down their locations. It also empowers you to foresee and pre-empt future network hydraulic integrity breaches.

Designed for online applications with existing SCADA systems and pressure and flow meters and sensors, PressureWatch represents a fundamental advance in how effectively water utilities operators monitor the operational efficiency and integrity of their networks. By enabling them to rapidly detect water-usage deviations, sudden pressure, flow and tank level changes and anomalous hydraulic conditions, the state-of-the-art predictive modeling technology puts them at a tremendous advantage in managing their water supply and distribution systems more efficiently and taking rapid, informed actions to minimize water leakage, reduce pipe break frequency, save energy, lower operational and maintenance expenses, enhance water quality, optimize system performance and integrity, increase sustainability, improve service to customers, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Easy to learn and use, PressureWatch is available as a stand-alone Windows program that runs on nearly any computer. Unlike complex “software as a service” (SaaS) solutions, it can be up and running in just a few minutes within the controlled security of the utility’s local computer. In addition, it does not require historical or secondary external data for comparison purposes. At the same time, PressureWatch’s unique integration with network modeling and GIS enables water operators to quickly identify viable solutions (e.g., locate the appropriate valve closures to isolate a main break and determine affected customers) and make decisions based on reliable predictive analytics and system dynamics, not intuition. For the first time, these critical differences enable water utilities of all sizes to use geospatial network modeling to optimize network maintenance and management securely at very low cost. They also greatly enhance their ability to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

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Discover some of the many benefits of PressureWatch:

  • Ease of installation and use
  • No need for historical data or secondary data from external sources
  • Automatic import of any InfoWater or InfoWater SA project
  • Conduct zonal mass balance and water audits
  • Compute unaccounted-for water
  • Enhanced Smart Water Grid
  • Complements Smart Water Grid
  • Seamless interface with GIS, Google Map, Google Satellite, Yahoo Map, Yahoo Satellite, Bing Street Maps, Bing Aerial Maps, Esri Hydro Base Map, Esri World Street Map, Esri World Imagery, Esri World Topo, OpenStreetMap, Bing Hybrid, and WMS
  • Monitoring of network hydraulic parameters (e.g., flows, pressures, tank water levels) in real time with out-of-range reporting
  • Detection and alerting of breaches in network hydraulic integrity
  • Improved time to detection and identification
  • Enhanced plan intervention
  • Reduced duration and disruption of maintenance and repairs
  • Reduced frequency of unaccounted-for water and pipe bursts
  • Improved customer service and notification
  • Enhanced network integrity and operational efficiency
  • Extended life of network assets
  • Strengthened condition monitoring
  • Facilitated energy reduction and water conservation
  • Protection of public health
  • Minimized costs (including cost of water)
  • Reduced deterioration and environmental impact
  • Improved business efficiency

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