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By delivering the power and accuracy of real-time data, business analytics and the Web, Model360 gives complete visibility into project performance from anywhere, at any time. It allows users of Innovyze Workgroup Management (WG) products (e.g., InfoWorks ICM, InfoWorks ICM SE, ICMLive and SWMMLive) to instantly access any modeling results right from their browsers and address important business issues like how to better manage, share, analyze and reuse simulation results. Focused primarily on improving the day-to-day activities of modeling professionals, it greatly enhances collaboration and enables more effective communication to keep projects moving forward, mitigate risk, and empower participants to take the best actions with greater speed and accuracy to complete projects successfully.

An indispensable project management tool developed specifically for users who need to review, collaborate and/or make decisions based on any WG product simulation results.

Model360’s intuitive Web-enabled interface provides unified and direct access to any WG model simulation results in the office or at project sites. From any modern browser, users can automatically extract and share up-to-date results from supported WG simulation projects and navigate through multiple scenarios. They can then create simulation detail and comparison reports for project status and result summaries on the fly, using tablets or mobile devices. Advanced visual data navigation and data mining features such as charting, statistical analysis, histograms, maps and dashboards are fully supported. Project summaries are also continuously updated with real time data — giving users an accurate picture of actual project performance for proactive decision making.

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Model360 is designed as a stand-alone application and can be configured and running in seconds. It provides a powerful Web-based mechanism for both quick perusing and careful analysis of simulation results for better, faster decision making and recommendations at key project touch points. Users can now save time by exploring all key project information, track and share project results and status in motion, focus on what matters, develop repeatable best practices, boost productivity, reach important project milestones faster and identify opportunities to drive improvements. These mission-critical capabilities can greatly assist WG product users in optimizing business performance and improving business responsiveness.

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