Water Distribution Modeling and Management

InfoWorks WS Pro


InfoWorks WS InfoWorks WS Pro provides a comprehensive model management solution that will enable analysis and management of distribution network models more efficiently and accurately than ever before. InfoWorks WS Pro may be configured as a component of a corporate modeling solution or as a stand-alone desktop application.

The combination of a fast relational database, powerful hydraulic engine and spatial analysis tools, provides a single, flexible water supply network modeling application that excels in both steady-state and extended period dynamic simulations.

Example Applications

• Assessment of supply to individual customer level
• Investigation of supply deficiencies
• Demand management
• Design and implementation of drought management plans
• Planning of capital investment programs
• Critical link analysis
• Scenario planning & fire flow analysis
• Simulation of pollution incidents
• Assessing source blending requirements
• Water quality and chlorination assessment
• Sedimentation analysis and mains flushing
• Optimization of pumping systems
• Optimization of system storage

InfoWorks WSEffective Data Exchange Model Build

InfoWorks WS Pro provides seamless exchange of data and results to and from GIS and other third party applications using the InfoWorks Open Data Import/Export Center. Its quick and flawless conversion of alternative model formats and ability to interface with SCADA and data logging systems makes the creation of new network simulations effortless. InfoWorks WS Pro provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance model data, including automatic inference, engineering validation checks, network comparison and tracing tools. In addition, InfoWorks WS Pro allows data flagging on all model data in order to indicate data source and confidence levels.

Comprehensive Simulation Capabilities

InfoWorks WS Pro uses an enhanced version of the WesNet engine, world renowned for its speed with large networks and ability to cope with ‘difficult’ networks. A full range of simulation capabilities is included as standard with InfoWorks WS Pro, including water quality and sediment modeling, fire flow modeling, critical link analysis, unidirectional flushing, demand area and leakage analysis, energy use and cost calculations, auto calibration of networks and carbon footprint analysis. In addition, User Programmable Control (UPC) allows the user to change the state of control elements based on the status of sensors, in order to optimize operating regimes within a network.

Powerful Results Interpretation

    InfoWorks WS
  • Fully dynamic thematic displays with simulation replays, along with database grid reports, make it easy to present data and analyze problems.
  • Time-varying graphical data can quickly show almost any aspects of a model’s performance, whilst time varying longitudinal sections allow easy assessment of any potential pressure stress on the network.
  • Grid and graphing tools make it simple to compare model data and field data.
  • Integrated result comparison of multiple simulations makes external analysis unnecessary.
  • Custom SQL queries and custom reports allow almost limitless opportunities for analysis.

InfoWorks TS (Transient Systems)

InfoWorks TS provides the most comprehensive and advanced platform available for analyzing complex hydraulic transients with incredible power, speed and ease of use. Cavitation or excessive pressure surging during transient operation can lead to pipeline or component failure and surge control devices are often required to prevent the development of such conditions. The proper selection and evaluation of these devices requires a reliable transient flow analysis. Surge analysis is a vital task in the design of water distribution systems to ensure safety and reliability under emergency conditions. Learn more about InfoWorks TS

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