An integrated software solution for simulating flows in rivers, in channels and on floodplains

InfoWorks RS


InfoWorks RSCombining the advanced ISIS Flow simulation engine, geographical analysis and a relational database within a single environment, InfoWorks RS integrates survey and time-series data with detailed and accurate modeling. As a result InfoWorks RS allows planners and engineers to carry out fast and accurate modeling of the key elements of river and channel systems.

InfoWorks RS includes full solution modeling of open channels, floodplains, embankments and hydraulic structures. Rainfall-runoff simulation is available using both event based and conceptual hydrological methods. Full interactive views of data are available using geographical plan views, sectional view, long sections, spreadsheet and time varying graphical data. The underlying data can be accessed from any graphical or geographical view.

Animated presentation of results in geographical plan, long section and cross section views is standard, together with results reporting and analysis using tables and graphs. Full flood-mapping capability is provided based on a sophisticated flood-interpolation model overlaid onto an imported groundmodel. An optional fully-dynamic, 2D surface flood simulation, integrated with the surface-channel hydraulic simulation, is also available.

Example Applications

• Flood flow planning and management
• Low flow assessments
• Water quality assessments
• Sedimentation and sediment control
• Water resources management
• Flood Forecasting System hydraulic model development platform

Features & Benefits of InfoWorks RS:

• Workgroup Model Management
• Model Building Tools
• Results Interpretation
• Powerful Hydraulic, Water Quality & Sediment Transport Simulation
• Dynamic Flood Mapping Model
• Data Integration

The following optional module is also available: InfoWorks 'Viewer': everything appears just as it does in InfoWorks RS. It is fully functional with respect to its ability to view data and results in the various graphical and tabular views.

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