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InfoWorks ICM (Integrated Catchment Modeling) is the first truly integrated modeling platform to incorporate both urban and river catchments. With full integration of 1D and 2D hydrodynamic simulation techniques, both the above- and below-ground elements of catchments can be modeled to accurately represent all flow paths. InfoWorks ICM enables the hydraulics and hydrology of natural and man made environments to be incorporated into a single model.

Unprecedented Model Creation

InfoWorks ICM gives engineers the ability to create a single model that contains the salient features existing in an environment with a single, unified hydrology. Manholes, pipes, and inlets can be combined with natural and man made channels to create a model in which the catchment and the floodplain are one, as they are in real life. The additional ability to model objects such as bridges, sluices, weirs and pumps allows the creation of models that are more complete and more accurate than ever before.

Cutting Edge Simulation Techniques

  • Full two-dimensional (2D) surface flood modeling can be employed across both the wastewater and river components of the model, providing more precise modeling of flows through complex geometries.
  • Real-Time Control allows control structures to be directly programmed to respond automatically to conditions in the system during a simulation, allowing the optimization of storage and operation.
  • Water quality and sedimentation studies can be carried out across both 1D and 2D areas, allowing users to assess the fate of pollutants entering the catchment from both wash off and point sources.
  • The linking of 1D river channels and 2D floodplain is carried out by means of lateral banks. The flow can pass between these two components at any location along the river, allowing real life conditions to be more accurately modeled.

Greater Efficiencies with Remote Simulation

InfoWorks ICM Remote Simulation allows the simulation of models to be performed by remote agent machines, which means engineers can start a simulation and then return to the task of modeling without the performance of their computer being affected. Remote agents can either be similar computers within a small workgroup environment or alternatively high performance servers with the capability to run simulations many times faster. This is increasingly valuable as engineers require the ability to simulate a large number of scenarios, within complex environments, with the benefit of the latest 2D simulation techniques applied.

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Industry Leading Technology Support

InfoWorks ICM has been developed around the very latest technological innovations, with ArcGIS compatibility and integration at the very core of the solution. Hardware developments such as multi-core processors and specialist graphics processing units (GPUs) can be employed to ensure simulations run as quickly as physically possible. InfoWorks ICM is also fully compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems, in both 32bit and 64bit editions, allowing users to carry out leading-edge hydraulic modeling within a fast and reliable environment.


Example Applications

• River, drainage and sewerage master planning studies
• Surface Water Management Plans
• Effective implementation of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS / BMPs)
• Urban drainage storm runoff control and retention design
• Development of solutions to existing flooding problems
• Assessment of catchment future needs under growth or climatic changes
• Flooding and pollution prediction under complex urban and river interaction
• Flood flow planning and management
• Impact of intermittent discharges from sewerage systems (UID's, CSO's or SSO's) on river environments
• Low flow assessments for rivers and watercourses
• Hydraulic analysis of wastewater treatment works and their interaction with the natural and built environments
• Infiltration and inflow assessments and control
• Combined / wastewater interceptor system design and analysis

InfoWorks ICM SE (Sewer Edition)

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InfoWorks ICM SE incorporates all the powerful analysis features and capabilities of InfoWorks ICM for comprehensive sewer collection systems modeling, but without 2D simulation of surface flooding. The program gives wastewater utilities an enhanced set of tools and functionalities and an enriched modeling experience for planning, managing and operating large and complex sewer networks.

InfoWorks ICM SE Powerful Dynamic Sewer Modeling Capabilities

InfoWorks ICM SE is a fully-dynamic sewer network modeling solution that uses a fast, accurate and unconditionally stable implicit numerical solution scheme — providing a high degree of confidence in simulation results. It can be effectively used to model any complex sanitary, storm and combined sewer system, offering complete hydrology, hydraulic and water quality simulation and sophisticated real-time control (RTC) modeling capabilities. (As a specialized version of InfoWorks ICM, SE does not model overland flow or 2D flooding.)

The software automates many user-intensive operations, helping engineers minimize time spent creating, calibrating and simulating reliable sewer models and analyzing results. InfoWorks CS users will greatly benefit from an improved interface and visualization and reporting tools; additional modeling capabilities (e.g., SWMM5 and CS Horton infiltration, non-prismatic open channels, H2S, Algae, nutrient dynamics); enhanced database and scenario management; multivariable themes and mapping; and stunning graphics.

Such advanced capabilities make it easier for users to set up, visualize and manage simulations, and arrive at fast, reliable solutions to support cost-effective drainage design, operation and management.

InfoWorks PDM (Probability Distributed Moisture Model)

InfoWorks PDM is a rainfall-runoff model based on probability-distributed moisture stores and translation of runoff and drainage via routing stores. PDM was designed to provide a toolkit of model algorithms (standard, splitting and demand-based) which can be configured and calibrated to suit a wide variety of catchment response forms. It also provides real-time forecasting of flows for any complex river catchments. Model inputs are rainfall and evaporation over the catchment. Output is river flow (or level) at the catchment outlet along with other important parameters including soil moisture deficit and the various flow components (e.g., infiltration excess runoff, inflow to groundwater store, baseflow, fast response surface flow).

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InfoWorks ICMExchange

A full-featured programmer’s toolkit, ICMExchange enables users to directly import and export InfoWorks ICM data in a variety of formats (e.g., Oracle, SQL, CSV, MIF/MID, Geodatabases, Shapefiles, etc.) as well as interface with the powerful InfoWorks ICM simulation engine to create their own custom solutions. Having access to this tailored functionality right out of the box also streamlines the creation of independent applications and custom interfaces that enable users to view or modify data for evaluation and comparison of various modeling scenarios. Armed with these capabilities, consultants and utilities can now adapt the input and output from their InfoWorks ICM models to meet specific project needs in a fully automated process that increases efficiencies. These abilities empower them to work more efficiently and instantly get the reliable information they need to make better design and operational decisions for optimal performance. Read white paper about ICMExchange.

ICMExchange can do all the following operations as background tasks:

  • Edit, update and query database tree objects
  • Create, copy and delete database tree objects
  • Create network scenarios
  • Commit and validate networks
  • Edit network objects
  • Carry out simulations
  • Query results and extract data

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