Esri-Based Dynamic Sewer Flow Estimation Model


  for InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA



An invaluable wastewater master planning tool, InfoSWMM SFEM (Sewer Flow Estimation Model) was developed to support the short-term and long range planning needs of wastewater utilities worldwide. The program uses census data, landuse and other planning data to estimate current and projected population and wastewater flows. It automatically defines tributary basins and estimates flows within the basins. In addition, the model can be effectively used to identify strategic flow gauging locations, calibration of estimated flows, managing industrial discharges and general planning analysis.

InfoSWMM SFEM Overview

  • InfoSWMM SFEM uses standard census and landuse data to project short- and long-term population growth, creates a population distribution pattern on the block level of a region and is able to estimate the Dry Weather Flow (DWF) of each sewershed in high resolution. The sewersheds are dynamically generated based on user defined sinks which allows flow accumulation and flow estimation based on a sophisticated basin logic tree.
  • Population Projection and Distribution: Based on standard census data and landuse data, SFEM develops a very sophisticated population projection model. 
    • Project near term and long term population growth.
    • Create population distribution pattern on block level of a region.
    • The result can be used to estimate DWF of each sewershed in high resolution
  • Basin Generation: SFEM develops a unique algorithm to dynamically generate sewer sheds based on the sinks users choose. As InfoSWMM Subcatchment Manager is widely used to generate and manage watersheds for rural area, InfoSWMM SFEM can be used to create and manage sewersheds for urban area.
  • Flow Estimation: SFEM develops a comprehensive methodology to estimate flow within a sewer shed or basin. It estimates the average DWF and peak flow from the following four components:
    • Flow from residents
    • Flow from employment
    • Flow from industries
    • Flow from groundwater basin
  • Flow Accumulation: SFEM develops a methodology to manage the relationship of the sewer sheds of region and flow split pipes. The program accumulates daily flow of a treatment plan or the amount of sewer a pump need to operate every day. Users can use different years of population data to create different scenarios.
  • Basin Logic Tree: Very similar to InfoWater PZM, the model displays the relationship of the basins graphically so that users can view the whole InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA model’s structure abstractly.  

InfoSWMM SFEM features include:

• Population distribution for short-term and long term horizons
• Population analysis and comparison on growth over time
• Population covering city and contract agency areas
• Population analysis of various growth scenarios
• Current and future flow estimates
• Treatment plant and pumping plant study area analysis
• Dry weather flow preparation and inputs for dynamic hydraulic models
• Sewer network management
• Alternative analysis by changing current configuration
• Alternative analysis by adding new sewers and network diversions
• Other uses include the Identification of strategic flow gauging locations
• Managing of industrial discharges
• Maintain required minimum residual pressures in the distribution system
• Downstream and upstream traces on sewer network
• Treatment plant location analysis
• SFEM has a Basin Logic Tree to see the basin connections
• Sewersheds for DWF analysis can be generated and used similarly to watersheds for Wet Weather
• Flows can be generated from residents
• Flows can be generated from employment counts
• Flows can be generated from industries
• Flows can be generated from groundwater and infiltration basins

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