Stand-Alone GIS-Based Urban Drainage Network Modeling



Click to enlargeInfoSWMM SA is a stand-alone application providing comprehensive hydrologic, hydraulic, water quality for effective management of urban stormwater and wastewater collection systems. The intuitive ribbon interface provides an easy-to-learn platform for building, simulating and understanding of the network and results .

InfoSWMM SA supports importing from multiple data sources, including CAD, ESRI Geodatabase and common GIS database tables available today.

InfoSWMM SA offers all the advanced GIS capabilities and functionality of InfoSWMM in a stand-alone environment.

InfoSWMM SAcan be used to model the entire land phase of the hydrologic cycle for urban stormwater and wastewater collection systems. The
model can perform single event or long-term (continuous) rainfall-runoff simulations accounting for climate, soil, land use, and topographic conditions
of the watershed. In addition to simulating runoff quantity, InfoSWMM SA can also predict runoff quality including buildup and washoff of
pollutants from primarily urban watersheds., The routing portion of InfoSWMM SA transports using either, kinematic or dynamic wave routing across

a range of modeling elements. All of this can be done with Real-Time Control(RTC).

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The program also offers a complete, database-driven open-architecture environment. It's easier to manage and distribute geospatial data as well as exchange important modeling information with other applications and GIS systems. The program creates and stores all graphic data in a native shapefile format allowing InfoSWMM SA to instantly become an integral part of your data warehouse, compatible with any other GIS application. You can now visualize your sewer collection system at a glance and develop informed, cost-effective and reliable solutions concerning system expansion and improvement. InfoSWMM SA is ideally suited for many types of sewer system analysis applications including:

• Rainfall-Runoff Modeling for Urban and Rural Watersheds
• NEW: Laurenson Hydrology
• Infiltration/Inflow Assessments with RDII Analyst & Calibrator
• NEW: Dynamic 3D Views of Structure connectivity & Conduit Cross-Sections
• Real-Time Control (RTC) Operational Studies
• ENHANCED: Profile View tools
• Pond Design
• Hydraulic and Water Quality Analysis of Storm, Sanitary, and/or Combined Sewer Systems
• Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) studies
• Master Planning of Sewer Collection Systems and Urban Watersheds
• Pollutant Analysis
• Overflow Management
• System Evaluations Associated with USEPA's Regulations including NDPES Permits, CMOM, and TMDL
• River Hydraulics and Flooding Problems
• Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Low Impact Development (LID) Studies
• TMDL Compliance Modeling
• Watershed Quality Analysis
• Build/Run Network Model in ArcGIS
• Provide Native ArcGIS Model-Building Tools
• Bi-Directional Models Directly from ArcGIS Data Sources
• Scenarios Management
• Animated Simulations reviewed directly in ArcGIS
• Generate Contours, Graphs and Tables of Results Directly within ArcGIS
• Combine Input and Output Attribute Tables
• Fully Automate GIS Data Exchange with ESRI Data Sources
• Automatically Import and Export Any SWMM5 Projects
• Model Future Climate Change Projections
• Analyze Hydrogen Sulfide Generation and Corrosion in Sewers
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