Formerly InfoMaster, InfoAsset Planner software accesses, displays, and analyzes all your asset information. It assesses risks, and creates prioritized, costed repair projects.

It brings together your water and wastewater asset data and information, from your ESRI ArcGIS, InfoAsset Manager, CCTV records, and other sources. It runs sophisticated modeling and analytics on your assets, giving you the insight and decision support you need to meet your performance, budget, customer service, and environmental targets.

InfoAsset Planner was formerly known as InfoMaster.

Your digital asset management plan

Make sense of competing demands
If your infrastructure is degrading, but your budget and time don’t allow you to fix everything, InfoAsset Planner makes sense of competing demands to help you prioritize.

Defend your decisions
InfoAsset Planner creates a decision tree and lets you dig into the logic, so you can show and defend your asset rehabilitation action plan – empowering you to:

  • Make the right decision,
  • On the right asset,
  • At the right time,
  • For the right reason.

Prioritize and phase your spending
Shift from reactive to proactive maintenance, and enjoy reduced downtime and fewer urgent repairs. InfoAsset Planner shows exactly where your spend delivers the greatest benefits. And its prioritized plans split into phases that fit your cashflow.

Reduce your risk
InfoAsset Planner’s powerful tools determine the probability and consequence of failure, to help prioritize your capital maintenance plan and minimize risks.

See the data you need in a single window
No more wasted time trying to find and collate information. InfoAsset Planner brings together all the data you need in a single application window. It’s asset-centric, so you can explore the condition and repair history of each pipe, manhole, and pump just by zooming in and selecting the view you want. As it provides a single view of the truth, everyone’s on the same page.

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What you can do with InfoAsset Planner

Prioritize according to risk.
InfoAsset Planner shows you where you’ve got problems, and analyzes their likelihood and consequences of failure (LOF and COF) using the latest modeling techniques. You can adjust the risk parameters to suit your organization’s strategic priorities. Lifecycle cost analysis (LCCA) and remaining life calculations are quick and easy.

Understand how your assets fail
The software’s deterioration and survival statistical modeling tools show you the remaining life of all types of water and wastewater assets.

Make the most of your CCTV data.
InfoAsset Planner turns CCTV survey video and data for each pipe into straightforward contextualized visualizations.

Rapidly comply with mandatory asset management plans.
Asset management plans (AMPs) are already a legal requirement in the US states of Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey. InfoAsset Planner makes you compliant in months rather than years.

Support capital planning.
If you’re working on a capital improvement plan (CIP), InfoAsset Planner helps you decide where you should spend your budget. It enables you to optimize opex and capex too.

Integrate with your CMMS.
InfoAsset Planner integrates with popular CMMS packages.

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