InfoAsset Online enables you to share information about your assets with anyone you choose.

Its simple web interface enables you to:

  • Connect people, teams and departments through sharing of data and information
  • Create workspaces for different personas, roles, responsibilities, projects, and departments, and set user permissions to control access to your data
  • Publish your water and wastewater network data and information in a variety of visualization tools, such as map, long section, property pages, and 3D pipe views.
  • Show crucial information to your board, local government, or regulatory officials, when they need it
  • Contract out your asset management plan, but still view and interrogate your data anytime you need to
  • Let field crews view all of your water and wastewater data via a web mapping system
  • Show customer service agents the fault history of a pipe while they’re dealing with customer requests

All that’s needed to access your asset, inspections, incidents, and work orders is a web browser and minimal training.

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Manage your water assets the easy way

InfoAsset Online is an asset management tool from Innovyze that complements InfoAsset Manager (formerly InfoNet). InfoAsset Manager software stores all the information about your assets, and its powerful analytics enable you to:

  • see the whole life history of pipes, pumps and other assets
  • pinpoint problem hotspots
  • prioritize and manage maintenance work

With InfoAsset Online you can ensure this information reaches the people who need it, whether inside or outside your organization – your board members, the mayor, your contact center teams. Everyone shares a single view of the truth.

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A single version of the truth, for everyone

Everyone sees the same information
You’re all on the same page. InfoAsset Online provides an up-to-the-minute view of assets. If anything changes, such as about a new pipe being installed, CCTV data being loaded, or a new repair to a manhole, the browser window updates almost instantly (depending on the speed of your connection). There’s no need to refresh the screen. By contrast, exports from an asset management system would be out of date the moment they’re created. InfoAsset Online avoids that problem and keeps everyone aligned.

Interact with the data without risk
Users can examine assets and watch the CCTV clips that show their condition without training. You choose what each type of user can do – there’s no risk of them deleting the data.

Create the reports you want
With a couple of clicks you can generate reports on surveys, repairs and CCTV. InfoAsset Online gives you full flexibility.

Easy to configure
It’s simple for you to set up workspaces with InfoAsset Manager. There are lots of configuration options, including setting the types of reports that can be generated for a particular workspace.

Get started. Contact us to request a callback or a demo.

What you can do with InfoAsset Online

  • Map your assets.
    You can use OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, XYZ layers and ESRI Web Services as background mapping layers to locate your network assets.

  • View dashboards and analysis.
    Custom dashboards, analysis, and reports are easy to create for users of InfoAsset Online.

  • Assess the situation.
    InfoAsset Online enables users to assess how many pipes need repairs immediately. It can show users in procurement how many more items are likely to be needed in the near future, so they can negotiate a volume discount from the supplier.
  • Get access to data, even if you don’t own it.
    It can be really hard to get hold of information if you’re not the owner – you don’t know which filing cabinet contains paper records, or which box is storing the latest CCTV survey DVDs. With InfoAsset Online, you don’t need to know that any more, nor resort to guesswork. The data you need is stored centrally and available to users in their browser. Simply zoom in to a map location to view data about construction, maintenance, leaks, odors, and even customer complaints.



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