Formerly InfoNet Mobile, InfoAsset Mobile lets you share the same information, in the office or elsewhere. Upload field reports – in the field.

InfoAsset Mobile puts all the information you need about your water and wastewater assets in your hand, optimized for field and maintenance crews and other teams who need access to asset information.

InfoNet MobileIt is asset management software that stores and displays the whole life history of your pipes, manholes, valves, pumps and other assets. It enables water companies, local authorities and others to prioritize interventions, make the most of their budgets, and comply with regulations.

There’s a version optimized for desktop work,  InfoAsset Manager. The mobile application, InfoAsset Mobile, offers a streamlined view, with work scheduling and crew calendaring features that synchronize with InfoAsset Manager. It’s suitable for Android and Windows phones, tablets, and computers.

InfoAsset Mobile was formerly known as InfoNet Mobile.



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Tailored support for your field crews
InfoAsset Mobile is designed for use on mobile devices. The application works even where there’s no mobile data signal. And you can build the forms that users need, quickly and easily, from InfoAsset Manager or InfoAsset Mobile.

Scheduling and calendaring built in
Scheduling work and creating crew calendars is really simple. Keep track of work crew performance, and work status and progress.

Online and offline
Field crews can work whether they’re connected to your IT systems or not, enabling higher efficiency and productivity by not having to return to the office. Data and information is automatically synchronized between the office and the field.

Everyone accesses the same information
InfoAsset Mobile accesses the same data as the desktop version, so everyone in your organization is working off the latest data and analysis.

Visualization that makes sense of the data
InfoAsset Mobile shows the information you need for good decision-making through calendar, forms and map views. Its map shows all the work that is planned, in progress and completed, with field crews able to create work orders via the map. The map also shows problem hotspots that need addressing.

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What you can do with InfoAsset Mobile

  • Work online and offline
    InfoAsset Mobile can still be used where there’s no mobile data reception or wifi. InfoAsset will take care of synching as soon as connectivity is re-established.

  • Manage field tasks easily
    You can create and assign work orders easily with either InfoAsset Manager or InfoAsset Mobile – the two work seamlessly together. Then InfoAsset turns them into schedules that pop up in the crews’ calendars, and you can monitor progress remotely without interrupting the teams’ work.

  • Get automatic updates when field tasks are complete
    Once a crew marks a job complete, InfoAsset Mobile uploads records of the work to the central database, for each relevant asset. You have complete, up-to-date information about all your assets at all times.
  • Support your customer service teams
    InfoAsset Mobile can support customer service and contact centre teams. When a customer call comes in to an agent, the agent can use customized InfoAsset Mobile forms on their computer or tablet to view the status, repair history and complaint history of any asset, for example reassuring the customer that all their calls have been logged and explaining the investigations that the maintenance team has scheduled. The latest call is then added to the database, to keep the asset history totally up to date.

  • Create your own reports
    InfoAsset Mobile enables you to create and configure your own reports, to your own design, simply and quickly.


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