Formerly InfoNet, InfoAsset Manager software stores, displays, and analyzes the whole life history of your pipes, manholes, valves, and other assets, so you can optimize the management of your water infrastructure.

It’ll help you hit your targets for operational and capital spending, reducing leakage, and building customer satisfaction – on a limited budget.

You can carry out critical business processes such as work order management and asset condition management. Just zoom in on your map to see comprehensive, up-to-date information for each asset, and zoom out to diagnose problem hotspots faster. InfoAsset Manager will create field crew schedules/calendars effortlessly, for both desktop and mobile devices, with everyone working from a single version of the data.

InfoAsset Manager can look after your data on:

  • Water distribution and wastewater systems
  • Drainage systems including sustainable stormwater structures (SuDS, LIDs, WSUD)
  • River embankments, flood defenses, culverts, lakes, ditches, gullies, outfalls
  • Vertical assets that are part of a water and wastewater network
  • Non-water assets such as street furniture, parks, gas distribution networks

InfoAsset Manager was formerly known as InfoNet.

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All you need for effective management

click to enlargePrioritize your maintenance
All you need to know is what assets you have, plus their condition and history – then you can prioritize where, when, and how to intervene. InfoAsset Manager water asset management software does all of this, simply and easily. It adds information derived from asset management activities to your asset register, such as CCTV pipeline condition and GPS surveys.


Find the information you need, in a format you can use
InfoAsset Manager is asset-centric, enabling you to track the performance of individual assets over their whole lifetime, via coherent, easily navigable screens. No need to open multiple applications, nor to piece together what’s happened to an asset from maintenance records or repair tickets.

Support work across teams
No more disconnected departments. InfoAsset Manager provides everyone with the same live data, and they can work faster because it’s so easy to get hold of the data they need. The InfoAsset Mobile application offers a streamlined view of the data, with calendaring and scheduling for maintenance crews. And InfoAsset Viewer provides a full view, read-only.

Have confidence in your data
When you load data, InfoAsset Manager validates and tracks its provenance. You can check its origin, who loaded it, and whether it’s inferred data, giving you full confidence in your practices and processes. InfoAsset Manager can add value to your existing GIS, keeping it up to date automatically using our application programming interface (API).

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What you can do with InfoAsset Manager

  • Share a single version of the truth across your enterprise.
    You can make InfoAsset Manager available to anyone across your organization, so they’re all working from a single version of the truth. This includes field-based staff, who can access the same information via InfoAsset Mobile. You can also share information with people inside and outside your organization via a browser, using InfoAsset Online.
  • Verify your assets.
    Field surveys verify the location and other properties of your data, improving your asset register and hydraulic model. InfoAsset Manager records the provenance of your data so you know what to rely on. When you verify an asset, InfoAsset Manager automatically updates any relevant work orders.

  • Get more from your CCTV surveys.
    No more copy and paste. In a click or two, InfoAsset Manager shows the results of your CCTV surveys via the map, pipe visualizations that you can zoom into and rotate, and the relevant CCTV video – all on a single screen. You can also run analytics on the surveys, the pipe, or even related properties.
  • Create audit schedules and work orders.
    In a few clicks you can plan a CCTV survey campaign and create work orders. You can estimate costs in detail. Once the work is done, feed the actual costs back into the database, to refine its estimates for the next time.

  • Make better decisions.
    Risk Assessment, Lifetime Estimator, and flexible SQL tools in InfoAsset Manager will guide decision-making, aligned with your organization’s strategy.
  • Support capital planning.
    If you’re working on a capital improvement plan (CIP), InfoAsset Manager streamlines the work. It supports risk-based capital prioritization and deterioration analysis. You can query practically anything with SQL. InfoAsset Manager integrates with our advanced capital planning tool, InfoAsset Planner.
  • Update your hydraulic models.
    Use all InfoAsset Manager’s information to build and update your hydraulic models fast. You can update your InfoWorks ICM models from InfoAsset Manager with just three clicks. Hydraulic modelers can leverage InfoAsset Manager inspection incidents and work orders to verify and calibrate their models.
  • Create reports and dashboards.
    Build your own reports, graphs, and thematic maps, or choose from more than 30 out-of-the-box reports. For example, you can generate reports of your CCTV surveys to share with the local regulator. InfoAsset Manager will also track your chosen KPIs through tables, graphs and dashboards.

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