To get the best from your water and wastewater assets, you need InfoAsset by Innovyze. InfoAsset is the new name for our asset management software.

InfoAsset Manager

formerly InfoNet

InfoAsset Planner

formerly InfoMaster

InfoAsset Mobile

formerly InfoNet Mobile

InfoAsset Online

NEW – access via a browser

InfoAsset offers four software packages that:

  • Incorporate an asset centric information management system for all of your water and wastewater network data and information.
  • Provide an asset management plan (AMP) that records the location and condition of all your assets, that you can update daily as assets are added, removed, surveyed, or repaired
  • Optimize your capital improvement plans according to your budget and risk priorities
  • Find problems proactively, and prioritize and schedule repairs
  • Streamline management of your field crews and make their record-keeping easy and quick
  • Enable people inside and outside your organization to view and interact with your data, so everyone’s up to date with a single version of the truth


InfoAsset Manager

InfoAsset Planner

InfoAsset Mobile

InfoAsset Online

For daily management of your assets.

Stores, manages and analyzes information about your assets including surveys and repairs. You can see at a glance on a map where there are problem hotspots and create work orders.

Find out about InfoAsset Manager >

For planning capital works.

Enables you to prioritize projects so you get the best from your budget and the time available. Generates work orders for crews.

Find out about InfoAsset Planner >

For field work.

Your crews receive their work schedules and record their work using the mobile application. They’re in the loop, and there’s no risk of losing or mis-keying records back at the office, removing a significant bottleneck.

Find out about InfoAsset Mobile >

For your co-workers and colleagues.

Enables you to share information about your assets with anyone you choose, via a simple web interface.

Find out about InfoAsset Online >


Unsure which to choose? Request a callback or a demo.


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