Comprehensive Management, Analysis and Modeling of Real-Time Data and Events


Infinity System


click to enlargeRepresenting a new paradigm for smart water network operations and management, Infinity System combines a powerful server-side database for the collection and storage of time-series data and comprehensive data modeling with high-performance analytics. The result enables control room operators, engineers and planners to continuously drive innovation and make the best possible decisions about their water, wastewater, stormwater, river and combined networks.

Real-time data and event modeling and management

Using high-performance data mining, predictive modeling and analytics, forecasting and optimization, Infinity System is engineered to help water utilities meet the growing demand for intelligent use of real-time data to gain rapid, highly accurate insights; pinpoint critical events; respond to varying operating conditions such as fluctuations in demand and changing weather patterns; predict future events; make forward-looking and proactive decisions; select the best courses of action; mitigate negative impacts; and monitor assets to efficiently deliver the quality of service customers expect. It also better equips utilities to understand their water and energy usage, set realistic targets for both water and energy conservation, and monitor progress toward those goals.

Infinity System helps you turn real-time data into impactful business information, makes the future more visible and gives you greater resilience in the face of increasingly severe water crises and unpredictable weather events.

Powerful event forecasting and predictive analytics

Infinity System provides an easy way to create fast, accurate analytical models based on large volumes of data, look for statistical patterns in that data that suggest significant correlations and trends, and forecast probable problems and events, giving users new valuable insights and enabling them to make reliable decisions based on modeled results. Users can also quickly carry out mass balance and water audits in real-time to calculate non-revenue water, and select any set of questions to be asked of the time-series database without learning complex query languages and programming concepts or having a deep understanding of underlying database structures. Infinity System’s intuitive, user-friendly Web browser interface enables easy deployment, quick adoption by users, and complete platform independence across desktop computers and portable devices.

Real-time interactive dashboard reporting

Within the Infinity System Web interface, operators can use the Dashboard page to view results in simple tabular and rich graphical forms. The Ask page allows them to create new questions such as, “What were the five lowest pressures in a zone in the last week, and where did they occur?” or, “What are the minimum daily inflows for each zone, and how have they varied over the last month?” The Track page provides continuous, graphical monitoring of changes to observed, aggregated and user-transformed data streams, while the Display page provides geolocation of data streams and the ability to view and edit their values. Connect, Modify and Import/Export pages complete the comprehensive web interface, delivering the ability to define data streams, add them to streamlists, and back up and transfer stream definitions and data.

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Seamless interface with existing SCADA and database systems

The software's rapid analysis capabilities are enabled by the same trusted, high performance Innovyze Workgroup Data Server used in the company's InfoWorks ICM and InfoNet solutions. Increased efficiency is provided by InfoWorks TSDB, a database storage and retrieval system built specifically for time series data. The incredibly flexible Data Loader enables the system to automatically pull data from a wide variety of sources, including Oracle, SQL Server as well as industry standard SCADA/database and OPC-compliant systems, while the Innovyze SCADAMaster solution pushes data from any OPC-compliant SCADA system. ODBC data exchange is also fully supported. Together, these components create an exceptionally resilient and robust environment for the efficient and effective analysis not only of simple historical time-series data, but forecast and spatial (image) time-series for rainfall data. This seamless interface will greatly assist water utilities in transforming their data into useful insights for better decisions.

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