Real-Time Operational Forecasting of Urban and Rural Catchments




ICMLive - click to enlarge ICMLive offers state-of-the-art in real-time operational forecasting of urban and rural catchments. ICMLive provides water utilities and river authorities timely, accurate and reliable forecasts of what will happen within a catchment, based on past and current observations of a multitude of parameters along with future rainfall predictions. ICMLive combines the comprehensive integrated catchment modeling capabilities of InfoWorks ICM with sophisticated real-time operational forecasting, early warning, and emergency management.

Advances in computer simulation and hardware have made real-time operation of stormwater, wastewater, river and combined systems a reality. ICMLive allows both large and small utilities and water authorities to manage their systems more efficiently and effectively than ever before. A powerful risk assessment and real-time decision making tool, it enables managers and operators to consider the influence of a full range of catchment factors in the management of flooding and the reduction of unregulated discharges; the optimization of storage and existing infrastructure, leading to savings on capital works; and the optimization of pumps to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Innovyze has developed ICMLive to meet the needs of water utilities and river authorities to operate their collection systems in real-time, by making powerful modeling technology, found in InfoWorks ICM, instantly accessible to control room operators for better, faster decision-making.

ICMLive is designed to work automatically. Once a system is configured, real-time data is continually and automatically harvested and quality checked. This data can be defined by a number of parameters, including observed and forecast radar rainfall, online water quality measurements, and ancillary structure and pump operation time series. Simulations are run automatically at a user-defined frequency using the full hydrodynamic and technological capabilities of InfoWorks ICM, including one- and two-dimensional modeling techniques, real-time control, dynamic water quality analysis, and GPU-enhanced and remote simulation. Simulation frequency can change in response to user-defined conditions. For example, increased rainfall intensity can trigger a reduction in the interval between simulations.

Warnings or alerts triggered during the forecast period are instantly displayed via the rich ICMLive user interface, allowing system operators to see at a glance which areas need attention and what options might be taken. Comparison alerts can be used to highlight differences between observed and modeled results, enabling users to refine their models — creating unprecedented confidence in simulation results.

ICMLive also allows operators to perform additional scenario analysis simulations, exploring alternative real time control scenarios, such as the impact of switching on a pump earlier than planned, and quickly seeing the effect of these changes on the system. The wide range of capabilities available in ICMLive allow it to be used as a key tool in the decision making process, enabling operators to take action to avoid system issues, release timely alerts, and quickly deploy response teams if necessary.

ICMLive builds on the functionality provided by the ICM TSDB (Time Series Database) to allow data to be imported, stored, analyzed and exported. Further details can be found here:

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Discover some of the many benefits of ICMLive:

  • Forecasting of system states
    • Real-time model and telemetry data
    • Early identification of maintenance issues
    • Improve understanding of network operation
    • Reduce flood damages
    • Reduce risk to public, staff & contractors
    • Reduce numbers of CSO spills
  • Operational management
    • Schedule pump and gate operation
    • Evaluate different control strategies
    • Maximize the use of system storage
    • Reduce energy CO2 costs
    • Carry out continuous simulations
    • Provide continuous evaluation of existing and proposed systems using real-world inputs

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