Operational Forecasting for Rivers, Collection System Networks and Coastal Zones



NOTE: Floodworks is being replaced by a more comprehensive solution, ICMLive. Find out more here!



FloodWorks Event Manager

Example Applications

• Flood forecasting and warning
• Operational modeling of stormwater systems
• Optimization of wastewater collection systems
• Reservoir, dam and structure operation
• Low flow prediction and warning
• Water quality prediction and warning

FloodWorks Components

• FloodWorks Event Manager
• FloodWorks Configuration Manager
• FloodWorks Server
• FloodWorks Web Publisher (optional)
• FloodWorks Web Server (optional)

FloodWorks Web Server

FloodWorks is a modular software package for real-time simulation and forecasting of future hydrological and hydraulic conditions within river basins, stormwater and drainage systems and coastal areas. Designed for operational use in the control room, FloodWorks links varied live data sources with a wide range of models to provide detailed and accurate forecasts of water levels, flood depths, flows, velocities, water quality parameters and sea states.

Flood Forecasting for River Systems

FloodWorks provides flood forecasting for river systems, channels and flood plains when configured for use with the integrated 1D/2D simulation engine contained in InfoWorks RS. FloodWorks combines the modeling solution’s integrated rainfall-runoff, hydraulic, water quality, conveyance, dam breach and logical control modules with real-time hydrological and meteorological time-series data to provide forecasts of water levels, flood depths and sea states for the hours or days ahead.

Flood Forecasting for Urban Drainage Networks

FloodWorks provides flood forecasting for urban environments when configured for use with the fast and robust simulation engine contained in InfoWorks CS. FloodWorks combines the integrated runoff routing, infiltration and calibration, water quality and real-time control modules and fully integrated 2D module of InfoWorks CS with real-time hydrological and meteorological time-series data to provide forecasts of pipe flows, water levels and flood depths for the hours or days ahead.

Simple, User-Friendly Operation

The operational management user interface, FloodWorks Event Manager, emphasizes ease of use in combination with powerful facilities for visualizing and reporting forecast results. A convenient map display of data from the forecast summary tables along with tabular data provide the operator with instant “point and click” access to detailed information. The interface allows the creation of new forecast runs or reruns, and also the scheduling of regular runs or event-triggered runs. The operator is able to select forecast options and make changes to input data where required. FloodWorks Configuration Manager can also be used to further configure the FloodWorks model network and set up and manage all aspects of the operational system.

Quick and Clear Communication of Results

When an event trigger threshold is reached, an alert is issued by the FloodWorks Server. In the FloodWorks Event Manager the alert and its severity level are displayed clearly on the map display. Simultaneously, alerts can be issued by e-mail or SMS to ensure that the latest information can, in the quickest time possible, be distributed to those who require it. In addition, the optional FloodWorks Web Publisher and Web Server components allow server output to be published in web compatible formats for access from either public or intranet websites. Finally, FloodWorks contains a full range of tools for constructing detailed reports and bulletins.

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