Compute Accurate Baseline Water Demands and Associated Diurnal Patterns from Smart Metering




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A revolutionary water demand analysis software, DemandAnalyst changes the way water utilities around the world leverage smart metering to automatically determine accurate, representative baseline demands and associated diurnal patterns for their water distribution network models. Its primary strength lies in its ability to regularly update nodal demand values directly from smart metering to power decision making.

DemandAnalyst lets water utilities go beyond metering and billing to true intelligent water management. It is the ultimate approach to developing the most efficient and reliable drinking water distribution system and minimizing non-revenue water.

Water distribution network modeling is the most effective and viable way of predicting system behavior to help solve a variety of design, operational and water quality problems. One critical tool for ensuring reliable network model predictions is the accurate estimation of daily water demands. DemandAnalyst is designed expressly to give water utilities accurate real-time water demand estimates and their diurnal variations to power their distribution network models. Armed with a better understanding of their systems’ spatial and temporal patterns of water use, water utility planners can optimize system operations and capital planning, improve conservation measures, minimize leakage and energy consumption, meet regulatory compliance and deliver superior customer service.

Accurately determining water consumption and its spatial and temporal distribution throughout the water network is a key element of real-time modeling. Network models are loaded with customer-specific (e.g., commercial, residential) demands at the network nodes, and all supporting sources, distribution pipelines and available storage within the water distribution system contribute to meeting these nodal demands. Most water utilities record water consumption data manually on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis. This infrequent data collection is sufficient for billing purposes, but gives limited information on actual water consumption behavior, leakage, and seasonal variation for real-time network modeling.

Smart meters connected to data loggers enable continuous monitoring of water consumption, providing sufficient data points to help determine water usage patterns. Loaded with advanced data management, correlation and analytics, DemandAnalyst was developed specifically to help water utilities fully automate the process of calculating and allocating nodal demands and their diurnal patterns directly from smart meters for comprehensive real-time modeling and calibration of water distribution networks.

DemandAnalyst is designed as a complementary module of InfoWater (SA) smart network modeling solution. Extremely easy to learn and use, it can be installed, up and running in just a few minutes on a utility’s local computer.

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