Capital Planner: The Ultimate Water System Rehabilitation/Renewal Solution

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Underground infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating and many utilities struggle with developing a rehabilitation and replacement program that addresses the most critical pipes in the system. Many capital improvement programs spend millions of dollars annually, but often do little to lower total system risk. CapPlan Water gives utilities the tools in one off-the-shelf software package to build or refine their capital improvement plans to provide maximum benefit for the lowest cost.

Estimate the Likelihood of Pipe Failure

Determining the likelihood of failure for a pressurized underground water pipe is a challenging exercise. CapPlan Water combines infrastructure, hydraulic, spatial, and historical data from numerous sources to give you the best possible estimate for likelihood of failure.

Know the Consequence of Failure

Understanding the consequences of a pipe failing is critical to determining its replacement priority. CapPlan Water has powerful tools to assess the hydraulic, geographic, spatial, and public relations criticality of each pipe in the system — including automatically taking each pipe out of service and determining the hydraulic and water quality consequences.

Budget and Plan Based on Risk

A Risk Factor is determined for each pipe based on the Likelihood and Consequence of Failure. CapPlan Water has a wide range of budgeting options available to evaluate the highest priority pipes within existing budgets and to determine necessary budgets to mitigate high risk levels over the long-term.

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