Capital Planner: The Ultimate Sewer Rehabilitation/Renewal Solution


CapPlan Sewer is a complete decision support, asset management, and capital planning tool for sewer systems. CapPlan Sewer seamlessly integrates GIS information, CCTV video, PACP condition databases, hydraulic modeling, CMMS, and other related information to help prioritize rehabilitation and replacement of sewer lines.

Smart Prioritization of Deteriorating Infrastructure

Underground infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating and many utilities struggle with developing a prioritized rehabilitation and replacement program that addresses the most critical pipes in the system. Many capital improvement programs spend millions of dollars annually, but often do little to lower total system risk. CapPlan Sewer gives utilities the tools in one off-the-shelf software package to build or refine their capital improvement plans to provide maximum benefit for the lowest cost.


Determine the Most Critical Sewer Pipes

Understanding the likelihood and consequence of a pipe failing is critical to determining both its replacement and inspection priority. CapPlan Sewer has powerful tools to assess the physical, operational, hydraulic, geographic, spatial, environmental and public relations criticality of each pipe in your sewer system.

Prioritize and Organize CCTV Inspection Video

Filming the inside of a sewer pipe is a great method to see the exact conditions and defects of the pipe — it can also be time consuming and expensive. CapPlan Sewer is the perfect tool to organize CCTV video, analyze condition results and help prioritize which areas of the system need further study with focus on high risk, high consequence pipes.

Budget and Plan Based on Business Risk

Based on existing defects, likelihood and consequence of failure CapPlan Sewer gives detailed risk analysis for each sewer pipe. It also facilitates pipe rehabilitation and replacement decisions with tools for building a detailed decision tree.

Example Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation Decision Tree

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