Next generation of real-time energy management and sustainability software for smarter water utilities




click to enlargeA key component of a smart water network and an invaluable water distribution planning and operations tool, BalanceNet is a real-time operations optimization software that greatly assists water utilities in improving the efficiency of their distribution systems and ensuring more reliable operations at maximum cost savings. It helps them produce the best possible pumping schedules with minimum effort, reduced labor requirements and significant cost savings.

Energy costs generally constitute the largest expenditure (after labor) for nearly all water utilities worldwide, consuming as much as 65 percent of a water utility's annual operating budget. According to the USEPA, drinking water and wastewater systems account for approximately 3 to 4 percent of energy use in the United States, resulting in the emissions of more than 45 million tons of greenhouse gases annually. BalanceNet is designed expressly to assist water distribution system operators and train new operators in managing their energy consumption more effectively by equipping control rooms with the unprecedented real-time ability to develop sound, cost-effective pump scheduling policies that reduce operational and chemical costs, lower carbon emissions, enhance water quality, optimize system performance, and enable more reliable operations.

Designed for online applications with existing SCADA systems, BalanceNet reads real-time field data, instantly updates the network model and determines the pump and treatment plant operation schedules that will yield the lowest operating cost while satisfying the system's hydraulic and water quality requirements. It uniquely combines an optimized mass balance model with an advanced network solver to quickly produce a set of near-optimal solutions for improving system operations. The network solver automatically defines the mass balance model, accounting for changes in demand, controls and other factors in each time step. The mass balance model is then optimized using Genetic Algorithms. Both electricity tariffs and pump switching costs are explicitly considered, and JET, Oracle, SQL and PI databases are fully supported. These advantages represent fundamental advances in how readily water utility operators can evaluate the operational efficiency of their water networks, then quickly and confidently develop improved system operations and more reliable performance.

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Discover some of the many benefits of BalanceNet:

  • Complement smart water grids
  • Maximize energy cost savings
  • Add real-time operations optimization capabilities to the control room
  • Provide automatic real-time control of the water distribution system
  • Enhance network operations and emergency response
  • Reduce electricity peak-demand usage
  • Shift electrical load to lower cost rate blocks
  • Lower carbon emissions and chemical costs
  • Support climate change initiative
  • Make the most of limited finances
  • Promote proactive utility-wide energy management
  • Gain significant efficiencies by using optimum pump combinations
  • Reduce pump life-cycle costs
  • Optimize asset downtime and other maintenance planning efforts
  • Handle combination of energy suppliers, tariff structures, and real time energy pricing
  • Maintain water quality
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of water supply and distribution infrastructure



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