Innovyze Proudly Releases InfoWorks ICM 9.5

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Innovyze is a global leader in water infrastructure analytics, and we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art tools for the water industry. The success of our clients is paramount and is a foundation for our work in the wet infrastructure analytics industry. For these reasons, we are thrilled to announce the release of InfoWorks ICM 9.5.

InfoWorks ICM is an advanced modelling solution that allows users to leverage workgroup and fully integrated 1D & 2D simulation capabilities to build complete catchment models you can trust.

Innovyze Product Manager Pascal Lang was enthusiastic in discussing the new product features: “InfoWorks ICM is constantly evolving to meet and exceed the expanding requirements from within the industry. Linear gullies are a particular highlight, illustrating the level of detail engineers are now going to when considering integrated catchment interactions.”

In addition to all current functionality, some highlights in InfoWorks ICM 9.5 include the following features:


Globally applicable upgrades:

  • NEW: New 2D conduits: Linear Drainage (2D) and Conduits (2D) have been implemented in InfoWorks ICM, the first provides capabilities for the modelling of linear structures interacting along their length with the mesh, suitable for modelling examples such as Beany blocks, linear drains and others. The second option allows for conservation of momentum through a link connected to the mesh, unlike the traditional interface at a 2D flood type manhole.
  • NEW: New results fields: Where the new 2D conduits are used, maximum/cumulative flow from 2D zone, maximum/cumulative flooding onto 2D zone and flooding onto/from 2D zone results are now available.
  • NEW: Gated weirs: A new weir type “Gated Weir” has been introduced into InfoWorks ICM, this allows for angled forward or reverse oriented weirs to be defined.
  • ENHANCEMENT:  3D view 2D zone cropping: It is now possible to restrict the 2D zone visibility in a 3D view to current GeoPlan extents.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Multi GPU support via PCI switches: Where multiple GPUs are available via a PCI switch, these can now be targeted individually for use in simulations.

Upgrades applicable to Americas:

  • ENHANCEMENT:  SWMM v5.1.013 update: The SWMM5 components included in the InfoWorks ICM simulation engine have been updated to SWMM 5.1.013.

Upgrades applicable to EMEAI:

  • NEW: MicroDrainage importer: A new model import option allowing users to take networks from a leading drainage design tool and easily import these into InfoWorks ICM, allowing for integration with the wider catchment models.
  • NEW: SOBEK importer: A new model import option allowing for the import of SOBEK models into InfoWorks ICM, at this stage mainly network geometry is imported, with further enhancements coming soon.
  • NEW: DWA (Grenzwertmethode) runoff volume model: A new runoff volume model widely used in Germany has been added to InfoWorks ICM. Along with this implementation, a new routing model “Cascade” has been added to the runoff surface options.
  • NEW:  Euler type II design rainfall: A new design rainfall option has been added to InfoWorks ICM, this is the “Euler Type II Rainfall” which is based on the KOSTRA-DWD 2010R data tables.

Upgrades applicable to APAC:

  • NEW: RAFTS routing model: The RAFTS routing model has been implemented in InfoWorks ICM, where it allows up to twelve surface definitions per subcatchment.
  • ENHANCEMENT:  ARR storm generator update: The ARR storm generator has been updated to version 1.0.173.
  • ENHANCEMENT:  NetCDF Australian Bureau of Meteorology update: The NetCDF source files used for observed radar rainfall can now include version 1.6 for spatial TSDBs.
  • ENHANCEMENT:  Events from generic csv files: Particularly useful for XPRAFTS hydrographs, bank lines can now be included when importing event data from generic csv files.

For more information, please contact Innovyze or visit the Insider Blog for industry news and product-specific information.


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