Proactive Infrastructure Initiative Fixes Collections System

Cash-strapped community cleans up its collections system with a new approach to upgrades and maintenance

By Giles Lambertson published on Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine, August 1, 2018

Imagine for a moment being a professional engineer overseeing an ill-equipped and undermanned sewer department in the state’s poorest community, with nearly century-old sewer and water pipes needing tens of millions of dollars of repair and the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Justice tapping you on the shoulder about Clean Water Act violations.  How do you begin to identify where to start?  This article by Giles Lambertson in Municipal Water & Sewer is an excellent example of how InfoMaster helped the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts, and their consultant at Woodward & Curran find the right answers to a challenging problem to the point of saving $600 for each foot of inspected and repaired pipe.

Read the complete article from MSWMag website HERE.

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