WSPG, XPWSPG & Advanced Hydraulic Modeling Tools

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LADPW) requires use of WSPG (Water Surface Pressure Gradient) for hydraulic design and has sponsored the development of xpwspg to update the hydraulic engine and embed that engine with the F0601 Los Angeles Hydrology method in a streamlined graphical user interface. xpwspg is available as a standalone product or as a module embedded in xpswmm or xpstorm to expand functions beyond 1D modeling.

This training will begin with a thorough training on the free WSPG 2010 program.  The second segment will provide a deeper look at the xpwspg functionality.  The latter portion of the day will dig into more advanced hydraulic and hydrologic modeling tools that are available from Innovyze.

This course will provide 7 Professional Development Hours.


Section 1: Introduction to WSPG2010/xpwspg

  • WSPG Model Build using Interface
  • WSPG Model Build using Import of older files

 Section 2: xpwspg Model Setup

  • New JOIN Element Allowing Dendritic Networks
  • Model Build using GIS tools of xpwspg

Lunch Break

Section 3: Introduction of MODRAT and WSPG in xpswmm

  • LA County Hydrology in xpwspg and xpswmm
  • WSPG and Fully Dynamic Hydraulic simulations in xpswmm

Section 4:  Advanced 2D Flood Modeling in Urban Areas

  • Brief 1D/2D Modeling Theory
  • Practical Example of 1D/2D Modeling in Urban Areas
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