Modelling with XPRAFTS

About the workshop

The workshop provides attendees with up-to-date information and techniques on Rafts hydrology (Laurenson) for analysis and management of both urban and rural watersheds and the design of flood storages and river analysis works. Particular instruction in the use of xprafts from Innovzye will be part of this workshop. The instruction will include discussions on the use of the Rafts method to develop stormwater runoff hydrographs, and the formulation of both on-site detention systems up to large retarding basins and channel/pipe systems. Lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises on supplied PC’s will aid in the review of xprafts software along with descriptions of the latest features. There will be enough time at the end of the workshop for a question and answer period with the trainer.

Who should attend

The Workshop will be of interest to consultants and government authorities and to engineers, managers and planners involved in detention basin and storage design, as well as stormwater analysis and design. This training will benefit both new and experienced users of the software. A wide range of topics will be covered with the modelling of examples and open forum covering a range of possible applications.

Classes start at 9:00am (registration at 8:45am) and finish at 5:00pm. A 1 hour lunch will be taken at about 12:30pm.

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to Rafts hydrology (Laurenson runoff routing method)

Introduction to various infiltration methods

Familiarization with the Graphical User Interface

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Creating network models
  • Reviewing results

Model Calibration

  • Modifying Catchment Parameters to match Observation

Pre and post development analysis

Detention pond design and analysis

  • Pond optimization
  • Outlet design

Flood forecasting model

  • Continuous flow simulations
  • Full water balance method

Observed flow data and model calibration

Link Routing

  • Lag Time
  • Muskingum and Muskingum-Cunge
  • Diversion
  • Lateral Channel Flows

Onsite Detention Basins with Rainwater Tanks

  • Storage and Outlet Design
  • Infiltration

Probable Maximum Flood estimation

  • Short duration PMP estimation
  • Long duration PMP estimation
  • Automatic storm generation
  • Temporal and spatial distribution of PMPs

External database linkage

Presenting Results

  • Printing Tables and Graphs
  • Node Link Diagrams
  • Spatial Reports and Graphical Encoding

Question and Answer period

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