Introduction to InfoWorks RS

Introduction to Infoworks RS

Designed to introduce a new user, or existing user of ISIS to InfoWorks RS. During the two days the attendee will be introduced to data management and administration (e.g. auditing and versioning) in InfoWorks RS. Importing and editing of existing river networks and event data using the geoplan, grid views and property sheets are covered, in addition to building new models. The user will be introduced to the extensive range of structures available and will gain experience in building them into the model. The course will introduce the scheduling and running of simulations, the viewing of results, and the interaction between InfoWorks and geographic information systems.


This is a 2-day computer hands-on training course.

Teaching Method:-

Participants are guided through a series of practicals by computer hands-on training interspersed with Powerpoint presentations.


A basic understanding of computers is required.  Some familiarity with GIS or Microsoft Office programs would be advantageous although not essential.  Understanding of river systems and catchment processes would also be helpful although not a requirement.

Course Agenda:-


  • Database Administration:-

Use of Infoworks RS Database Administrator program to create new Infoworks RS Master databases, update existing master databases and creation of compact transportable databases. 

  • Model Groups

Introduce the concept of models groups to organise basic model information and the different types of data that can be stored within the model database.  This will include the concept of ‘Checking out’ and ‘Checking in’ which is the fundamental processes of editing model data.

  • Viewing the Model

Use of the Infoworks RS program to view the model data in various formats, geoplan, grid views, property sheets, run logs and simulation icons will all be described.  The visualisation of external ground model data as well as GIS layers will also be addressed.

  • Basic Model Building

This will take the attendee through the process of creating a basic Infoworks RS model.  Starting with importing data, the importance of cross-section placement and boundary location will be explored.

  • Flood Mapping and Floodplain Modelling

The various methods of floodplain modelling will be identified and we will create a basic 1D River-floodplain model.  Spill units and storage areas will be introduced alongside the flood mapping component in Infoworks RS which can be used as a sophisticated flood mapping tool.

  • Structures and structure control

Infoworks RS structures will be detailed and will be added to a river model.  The concept of structure control will be introduced and will be demonstrated through the use of logical control rules to control the operation of structures in the model environment.

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