Introduction to Infoworks ICMLive

InfoWorks ICMLive is a real time forecasting tool for both river and sewer systems. This course is aimed at InfoWorks ICM users who wish to extend their system into a real time environment.  The attendee will take an existing urban drainage model within Infoworks ICM and associate it with telemetry and radar data.  Alerts and warnings will be added before an operational system is deployed. 


This is a 3-day computer hands-on training course.

Teaching Method:

Participants are guided through a series of practicals by computer hands-on training interspersed with Powerpoint presentations. 


A basic understanding of computers and InfoWorks ICM is required.  Some familiarity with GIS or Microsoft Office programs would be advantageous although not essential.  

Course Agenda:

  • ICMLive Functionality. 

An introduction to the core ICMLive functionality and basic terminology. What is required migrating a model into ICMLive. 

  • Connecting to telemetry and radar data. 

The attendee will learn how to make connections from real time data to the network. This will include the theory of database connections involving SQL and Oracle and practical work using csv files. The attendee will add in observed and forecasted radar rainfall. How rainfall can be prioritised will also be covered. 

  • Alerts

Alerts allow for ICMLive users to be warned of adverse behaviour. The course covers how alerts can be included in a system and how these will be disseminated to operators. The course covers simple alerts only but the theory of more complex alerts is also covered. 

  • Deploying a System. 

Once alerts and telemetry are in the system the course covers the basic elements of a deployment. This includes export functions, housekeeping and archiving. The attendee will be taught how to make a system 'live' and how to bring it offline in order to make changes. 

  • The Operational Interface

The operational interface for the control room application is much simpler than the offline tool where the system is configured. The attendee will learn how to use this application and what can and can't be done. The course covers manual simulations, 'what-if' scenarios and working with automatic forecasts. 

  • System Set-up.

An ICMLive system has a significant IT involvement. The course includes discussion of this involvement and tips and tricks for making deployments efficient. 

  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving 

The final part of the course covers the sorts of things that can go wrong in a live system and how these can be resolved. Advice on system logs is also given.  

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