Introduction to InfoWater UDF

Innovyze provides personalized training for the unidirectional flushing module for the most powerful GIS-based water distribution system modeling and management software. The Introduction to InfoWater UDF training course is for all water resource engineers needing to create and/or maintain a unidirectional flushing program for a water distribution system.  Upon completion of the course, you will be able to create, maintain, run, and analyze a series of unidirectional flushing sequences for your water distribution system models within a true GIS environment, while interfacing with your GIS application software.  You will also be able to monitor the hydraulic impact of each flushing sequence to ensure that the desired minimum pressure is maintained throughout the system and be able to quickly identify which fire hydrants and water main valves should be manipulated for proper cleaning while avoiding excessive pressure drops during both routine maintenance and emergency break situations. Classes are offered on a regular basis at Innovyze Educational Headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado and Operations Headquarters in Monrovia, CA (both have excellent facilities), but space is limited.


This is a 1-day computer hands-on training course

Teaching Method

Participants are guided through a series of practicals by computer hands-on training

Course Agenda

08:15 - Welcome
08:30 - Introduction to Unidirectional Flushing and InfoWater UDF
           - Software Overview
           - Requirements for a UDF Model
           - Software Layout
           - Preparing a UDF Simulation
12:00 - Lunch Break
13:00 – Creating Flush Zones
           - Flush Zone Management
           - Flush Sequence Design and Management
           - Results and Output
17:00 - Adjourn

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