Advanced SQL in InfoNet

 This 1-day course will teach users of InfoNet some of the more complex SQL functionality. In this course participants will learn to create variables and user prompts allowing for customisation of queries which can subsequently be used for Custom Scheduling.


This is a 1-day computer hands-on training course.

Teaching Method

Participants are guided through a series of practicals by computer hands-on training.


It is preferable that attendees wishing to participate in this course to have previously completed the ‘SQL in InfoNet’ Course. Some familiarity with GIS or MicroSoft Office programs would be advantageous although not essential. Understanding of sewer and water networks would also be helpful although not a requirement.

Course Agenda

 The day long course is broken down into four sessions with topics as follows:

Session A: InfoNet Data Model 

  • What Will I learn from the InfoNet SQL Course?
  • What is InfoNet?
  • What is SQL?
  • Schema
  • Cardinality
  • Basic Object Selection
  • Creating an SQL in InfoNet
  • User Macros

Session B: Aggregate Functions

  • Explicit Select Clauses
  • Group By Clauses
  • Restricting Number Of Results

Session C: GIS Layers and Objects

  • Prompts
  • Scalar Variables
  • List Variables
  • Table Variables
  • Saving and Loading Scalar & List Variable Array Fields

Session D: Custom Scheduling


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