Introduction to InfoNet (2 Day)

This 2-day course is the starting point for anyone needing to utilize InfoNet Network Information Management System for water or wastewater asset management.  Upon completion of this course participants will be able to use InfoNet to effectively manage and organize large asset databases in a workgroup environment.  Students will also be able to create links to GIS, edit and validate data and integrate and utilize survey and condition assessment data.


This is a 2-day computer hands-on training course.

Teaching Method

Participants are guided through a series of practicals by computer hands-on training.


A basic understanding of computers is required. Some familiarity with GIS or Microsoft Office programs would be advantageous although not essential. Understanding of sewer and water networks would also be helpful although not a requirement.

Course Agenda

Database Administration - Use of InfoNet Database Administrator Program to create new InfoNet Master Databases. Selection of Master Databases and Local Root. Creation of Compact Transportable Databases. Copying from Compact Databases. File management within Master Databases. Basic uses of the Database Administrator, including ‘Clean Working Directory’ and ‘Change User’.

InfoNet Operation - Overview of tools and functionality within InfoNet. Auditability, Version Control and the use of flags.

Importing and Editing External Data - Importing and exporting data to and from third party software products and formats, accessing and editing network data in the various InfoNet data views.

Adding and Editing Asset and Survey Data - Complete review of all the tools for adding and editing data in the variety of data editing views available in InfoNet. Associating and accessing external image and video files with InfoNet Objects.

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