Advanced Modelling Techniques in InfoWorks WS Pro

Designed to introduce the advanced functions available to InfoWorks users including auto calibration, pressure related demand, SCADA integration, sedimentation, fire flow, water quality capabilities, and skeletonisation. The course introduces the use of the InfoWorks as an operational tool along with linking the software to external data sources such as telemetry and SCADA. The course is aimed at those wishing to explore the wider capabilities of the software in distribution network management and master planning. A one-day course designed for those with a good working knowledge of InfoWorks, or those that have attended Modules 1-2. Optimising your use of network models for planning and design work, feasibility studies, improving network efficiency and contingency planning at least cost.

Prerequisites: A basic level of proficiency in the Microsoft Office and Windows environment is assumed and a fundamental understanding of the operation of a water distribution system is expected. A working knowledge of InfoWorks is also required.

The course will demonstrate how to calibrate a model and how to use the calibrated model for topics from the list below selected by the attendee:

  • Analysis of the effects of main isolation and the design of backfeed arrangements.
  • Analysis of hydraulic dead end and flow reversals
  • Advanced model auditing and SQL querying
  • Advanced simulation options
  • Designing hydrant-flushing programmes
  • Modelling wells
  • Analysis of water quality issues using various conservative and non-conservative substances - including chlorination, pollution and biological growth incidents.
  • A customer notification system
  • Dynamic fire flow analysis to assess whether an area has adequate fire flow, while understanding system conditions limiting the fire flow.
  • Automated calibration to automate the tedious calibration and design process.
  • Skeletoniser to automatically simplify a model
  • Utilize pump operating curves to enable the selection of the most efficient pump
  • Pump energy and power cost calculation
  • Analysis of the cost of water used in extraction, pumping, importing and exporting
  • Automation of on-line modelling and monitoring through direct SCADA interface
  • Analysis of energy costs and optimization of pump schedules
  • Design of pressure managed areas and monitoring leakage
  • Calculation of water age throughout the system, and identify the source of water at any node
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