Introduction to InfoWorks WS Pro

Designed as an Introduction to InfoWorks WS Pro, this two-day course is designed to introduce the functionality of the InfoWorks WS Pro software. The course is aimed at water supply engineers, technicians and operators with knowledge of water supply network modelling. The course explains the data handling capability, file structure and basic functionality of InfoWorks, and features basic case studies to demonstrate the features covered during the day.


This is a 2-day computer hands-on training course.

Teaching Method

Computerised hands-on training, explanation of modelling methods, tutor demonstration and attendee completion of exercises.


A basic level of proficiency in the Microsoft Office and Windows environment is assumed and a fundamental understanding of the operation of a water distribution system is expected. Ideally the participant will have an undergraduate qualification in Civil Engineering or a related discipline. No previous experience of InfoWorks WS Pro is required, although exposure to any modelling software would be an advantage.

Course Agenda

Introduction - InfoWorks WS Pro is described in detail including the use of the Administrator and the model manager. All group types available in the Master Database are detailed,and their contents and use are explained.

Familiarisation - The methods and processes described in the introduction are applied by the participants to create and populate a new Master Database. New groups are addedto the database for use in later exercises.

Network Data Manipulation - The methods of data display and editing are explained and the network is modified using InfoWorks tools.

Control Parameters - The concept of control groups and their use in simulating pump and valve behaviour is introduced. The network controls are changed and the effect of the changes on network performance is demonstrated.

Demand data - The methods of applying and manipulating demand data are described and the participants make adjustments to the demand in the example network.

Live Data - The methods of linking logger data and telemetry data to a model for calibration and control purposes are described and demonstrated. The participants link example live data to the example network.

Simulation and results - The process of setting up a simulation is covered in detail. The example network is simulated and the methods of results presentation are reviewed.

Model Building - The model building process is demonstrated showing the way many different sources of data (CSV, GIS, spreadsheet) can be bought together to generate a model in InfoWorks.


Innovyze has been approved as an Authorized provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and by the Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) which is a joint program from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and the American Council of Engineering Companies. Innovyze is a high quality continuing education provider for engineers and industry professionals.

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